Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before purchasing our services:

• At Dream Traders Consultancy, we expect our customers to maintain a cordial business relationship with us. The Consultancy holds the right to cancel the membership and terminate the agreement with a customer who turns out to be extremely unreasonable or misbehaving. Under such circumstances of membership cancellation and agreement termination, the customer will have to be ready to forfeit any payment made to Dream Traders Consultancy.

• Dream Traders Consultancy keeps the prices for all services public by publishing it through its marketplace platform. However, the prices of the services are subject to change and the consultancy reserves the right to change the price at any point of time.

• If any customer is found guilty of leaking Dream Traders Consultancy’s internal information /data /study-materials to a third party, the consultancy have the right to terminate that customer’s membership.

• Any attempt by the customers to promote their products/services to other members of Dream Traders Consultancy’s community, will result in termination of that customer’s membership.

• Strict legal actions will be taken against a customer along with termination of his membership if found and sharing CP20 strategy with any other trading community or in other social media platforms.

• A customer, after his independent analysis and an evaluation of his personal financials and other related matters, can buy or sell securities or opt for investment in securities, but the decision to do so must be made solely by the Customer.